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The JWI Award 2018 Results




1st Place

The Nombrero Feeder

Vanessa Jenkins – Plymouth University

Twitter Poll – 6 Votes
Website Poll – 234 Votes
IAT Congress – 60 Votes

Total – 300 Votes

Nombrero – Winner with 44.2% of the votes


The Numbrero contains wet food and will hang from the cage top so that it doesn’t tip over.
The shallow bowl part is designed to contain the wet food so that it does not come into contact with the cage bedding but will still be easily accessible to the mice improving and refining the animals welfare standards.

The Nombrero provides clean and accessible wet food while helping to reduce costs from wet bedding replacement. It improves and refines welfare standards for animals and also creates and additional mobile platform and refuge.

It is autoclavable and has atackable design; perfect for storage and postage



2nd Place

Lily Pad Floaters/Aqua Image

Victoria Preston – University of Liverpool

Twitter Poll – 7 Votes
Website Poll – 194 Votes
IAT Congress – 21 Votes

Total – 222 Votes

Lily Pad – Second with 32.7% of the votes


The Lily Pad shaped discs float on the water surface to mimic a natural environment, providing places to shelter/hide, stimulating and encouraging interaction with the environment.

The Aqua Image is an insert that is shaped to fit inside the bottom of zebrafish tanks. It is printed with a pebble/sand/plant image to prevent light from entering the tank from beneath and provides a naturalistic environment.



3rd Place

The Mouse Spinning Wheel

Marc Curtis – UCL Institute Ophthalmology

Twitter Poll – 5 Votes
Website Poll – 128 Votes
IAT Congress – 24 Votes

Total – 157 Votes

Mouse Swing – Third with 23% of the votes


The Mouse Spinning Wheel is a polycarbonate running wheel for mice that will be easily attachable
and detachable to IVC and conventional cages. This wheel offers good enrichment and is free-standing
from the cage surface, giving the mice more space to move throughout their cage. It would suit mice of all ages.